Future Tiger Facilities

A Message from Superintendent Salvino


As a result of transparent spending and superb management of district dollars, we are extremely proud to announce that the state has approved our new elementary school building projects. We do not need additional tax dollars as we have the funds on hand. On November 18, 2021, the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) approved the Massillon elementary building project at their November Commission meeting. The project financial breakdown is as follows:

State Share: $15,219,211

Local Share: $29,807,375

Project Budget: $45,026,586

As stated in community meetings in 2019, we would first look at district owned properties as potential locations in an effort to keep total project costs down while ensuring that we have new elementary buildings both on the East and West portions of our district. After a thorough process, we were pleased to announce that the Massillon City Schools will move forward with a campus-style delivery model. Our East side campus will consist of our new East side elementary (PK-3) as well as our current Washington High School. Our West side campus will consist of our new West side elementary (PK-3) as well as our current Massillon Middle School facility.

“I cannot begin to think of a more exciting time in the Massillon City School District than right now as we head into this process and establish the future for our school district,” said Superintendent, Paul Salvino.

Project Partners

Architectural Vision Group, LTD.

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Ohio Facilities Construction Commission

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C.T. Taylor Construction

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Site Renderings

East Side

east side

West Side

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Project Timeline

PK-3 Elementary Building Projects

Design to completion June of 2023. Construction/Site work May 2023 and Building Construction to begin July/August of 2023 through April 2025

Grand Opening Fall of 2025!

Educational Visioning Days

A committee composed of teachers, administrators and our architectural team met on March 9, 2022 and March 18, 2022 to discuss a vision for our new classrooms and the usage of our two new elementary buildings.

teachers at visioning day

Student Visioning Day

A committee of our elementary students met with administrators and our architectural team on May 16, 2022 to share their ideas for the new elementary buildings.

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