Kids of Character

MIS wants to congratulate Trenton and Madison for their selection to the Repository's Kids of Character for October!

- Mr. Zapolnik


Check out our 4th Orientation video

- Mr. Zapolnik


4th graders learning about the Massillon Public Library!

- Mr. Zapolnik

Quin Fisk

Congrats Quin Fisk, winner of Most Improved Student for MIS for Spring 2022. We are proud of you Quinn. Shout out to Mrs. Wolgomott for the special selection!

- Mr. Zapolnik

Tiger of the Month

Congrats to our Tigers of the Month! We have great students! And teachers who serve them! T-I-G...

- Mr. Zapolnik

MIS Math Team!

MIS Math teams representing did very well in the Stark County Mathematics Competition! Thank you and great job to our three coaches; Pam McGeorge, Amy York-Wagner, and Ashley Cornelius. Your hard work and dedication to the students are greatly appreciated!

- Mr. Zapolnik

Evan Kress

MIS Talent Show performer, Evan Kress, rocking out the audience!

- Mr. Zapolnik

Aivia Williams performing at the Talent show!

Aiva Williams performing at the Talent show!

- Mr. Zapolnik

Machias Ford

MIS PRISM Award Winner

- Machias Ford