Gel Electrophoresis Lab

Mr. Citron's Honors Biology classes, totaling 68 students, spent the day in the Washington High School Media Center doing an advanced science lab. With material assistance from the Science and Math in Motion (SAMM) team, Mr. Citron was able to run all of his students through two separate lab experiments using Gel Electrophoresis technologies. While Gel Electrophoresis is not a new technology, it has made a recent resurgence in Ohio State's new Science Standards. Realizing this fact, Mr. Citron took it upon himself to initiate this full day, in school field trip for his students. 

During the first part of the dual lab session, the students reviewed procedures, including safety, and prepped the time-sensitive materials. Gel Electrophoresis requires the experimenter to cast a semi-solid gel form that allows molecules to pass through. Students were well prepared to cast their own gels with the assistance of Mr. Citron and Dr. Hollingsworth (MSC Technology-Integration Specialist). Students proceeded to load protein samples into the gels to determine molecular weight, charge and DNA sequences. 

Over the course of several hours, the students made observations, measurements and interpretations of their unique findings. Mr. Citron is quoted as having said, "I don't know the answers you'll find here and you don't know the answers you'll find but that is what makes this a true scientific experiment."

At the end of the day, several groups groups of students completed their experiments and began writing up the experiment. Once again, Mr. Citron was present facilitating the writing and learning process. Caleb, a sophomore student, stated, "This was the best day of school all year! We planned this project, did a massive amount of work, and the day flew by."

Mr. Citron was clear to point of that not every group's project worked perfectly. Some of the students were disappointed in the results, but once again, Mr. Citron reminded them that scence is not about answers, it's about the questions. 

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