Vensel, Katie

Vensel, Katie


Creative Cooking and Gourmet Foods
Instructor:Katie Vensel
Phone: 330-830-3901 ext. 51408
Room: D 107 and D 106 (Food's Lab)
Hi! My name is Katie Vensel. I have a passion for family, food, and healthy living. The courses, "Creative Cooking" and "Gourmet Foods," provide me with the opportunity to excite students and develop their appreciation for food, as well as lifelong health and wellness.
"Creative Cooking" is designed to teach students about basic kitchen safety and sanitation, family meal planning, measurements, and healthy food selections. Kitchen equipment and the food technology are also key components. Students will participate in teacher-led labs.

"Gourmet  Foods" is a lab-based class that builds upon the concepts learned in "Creative Cooking." It allows students to explore different food combinations, create their own recipes, and participate in mock restaurant and food service experiences. This class also focuses on proper nutrition throughout life.

Course Information:

Creative Cooking Make- Up Work
Food for Today Text Book available at:
Access Code: AC78E6882A
Make- Up work and Chapter worksheets are available at:
1. Click on Student Center
2. On left side, enter unit and chapter you missed
3. Click on Homework Activities
4. Print worksheets
Gourmet Foods: Extra Credit Opportunities 
Select an assignment below (unless given prior approval from the teacher, you may not do a particular assignment more than once). Points awarded for each assignment will be based on the quality of work, as evaluated by the teacher. Each assignment should include a bibliography listing all sources used to write the paper.
  1. Write a research paper on a current "Food Fad". How did this fad come about? How does it affect our diet? Why do people become influenced by food fads?
  2. Rewrite a recipe of your choice, substituting ingredients for ones with fewer calories.
  3. Visit a grocery store and evaluate the ingredients in a convenience food. Compare the nutritive value of these foods compared to homemade products. What factors should the consumer consider when purchasing these products?
  4. Plan a healthy meal plan suitable for a teenager. Include 3 meals and snacks. Discuss why this is a healthy plan.
  5. Write a "current event" report from the food section of your local newspaper. Your report must be at least one page long. Attach the article.
  6. Write a research paper on how to begin a safe exercise program. How important is an exercise program? Explain.
  7. Research one of the popular weight-loss programs (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc.) What is involved in being in one of these programs? What does it cost?
  8. Interview three adults to get their favorite recipe. Why is the recipe a favorite? Has the owner modified it to make it his or her own creation?
  9. Write a research paper on a part of the world (or countries) that depends upon grains for most of its diet.
  10. Write a research paper on the uniqueness of milk.
  11. Design a bulletin board for the classroom. Consult the teacher for topic ideas.
  12. Choose a food item and comparison-shop the item via three different sources. Identify factors that determine price and quality of the product, and compare the product for storage quality, cost, and flavor.
  13. Investigate the work of one of these men: John L. Mason, Peter Durrand, or Louis Pasteur. What contributions did he make to the food industry by food preservation discoveries?
  14. Interview an adult from another country. Ask the following questions: What role did mealtime play in your home as you grew up? What were your favorite foods as a child? Why?
Additonal Opportunities-see Mrs. Vensel for more information.
  • Improving the Classroom or School: Have an idea for making the school even better? Think you can get needed supplies or equipment donated? Ask me about extra credit.
  • Interesting / Relevent Guest Speakers: If you have a connection in the computer industry, business world, or another person who might make a good guest speaker for a Creative Cooking class, Career Studies or Personal Finance classes, please let me know.
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