Testing Policy

General Security Protocol

1) All assessment questions and all other assessment materials, which are considered part of an assessment, including, but not limited to, oral or written directions, reading passages, writing prompts or styles, charts, graphs, maps, and tables shall be considered secure and subject to the provisions of sections 3319.151 and 3319.99 of the Revised Code and to the provisions of this rule prohibiting any person from revealing any specific question and/or materials that a person knows are part of an assessment.

2) Persons designated as examiners, in accordance with paragraph (N)(7) of rule 3301­13­02 of the Administrative Code, shall ensure that all assessment provisions are met while each assessment administration session, including makeup sessions, is in progress and account for all assessment booklets by serial number, all CDs containing English audio and foreign language translations of the assessments, all answer documents, and all tape recorded student responses from the translation sessions received from a building test coordinator, until such time that an examiner returns said assessment materials to the building test coordinator. 

3) No person shall reveal, cause to be revealed, release, cause to be released, reproduce, or cause to be reproduced any secure assessment materials through any means or medium including, but not limited to, electronic, photographic, photocopy, written, paraphrase, or oral.

4) No unauthorized person shall be permitted to be in an assessment room during any assessment session or be permitted to have access to any secure assessment materials at any time such materials are in a school district or participating school.



1) The following employees of the Massillon City School District will be involved with administering the Ohio State Tests.




 Michael Dobran  Testing/Gifted District Testing Coordinator 
 Kris Blair  Curriculum Director Testing Specialist 
 Renee Parr Assistant Principal  Building Testing Coordinator (WHS)
 Allison Barnhart Special Education Admin Accomodations (WHS)
 Ryan Spicer Special Services Director Alternative Assessment 
 Rebecca Moore  Family Coordinator Alternative Assessment 
 Patti Fogle  School Counselor  Building Testing Coordinator (MIS)
 Lindsay Hose  School Counselor  Building Testing Coordinator (MIS)
 Cara Sanders School Counselor Building Testing Coordinator (MJHS)
 Alyssia Kappas Principal Building Testing Coordinator (Gorrell)
 Mike Medure Principal Building Testing Coordinator (Franklin)
 Matt Plybon Principal Building Testing Coordinator (Whittier)

**All employees that serve grades three through twelve in the Massillon City School district that have a valid license in the state of Ohio may serve as Test Administrators for the Ohio State Tests.  They are all properly trained.

2) The test coordinators will upload the necessary data in the system. The test coordinators will supply the test administrators the information and materials needed for each test session. Following the testing session, the test administrators must return all materials to the test coordinator. The test coordinators will review student participation and ensure all tests are completed. All scrap paper used will be shredded immediately after testing.

3) If there is an alleged violation of an assessment security provision by a student or staff member, it is to be reported to the principal or district test coordinator immediately. Either the principal, the district test coordinator and/or the superintendent will investigate the situation and provide any individual accused due process. They will complete the investigation and notify the appropriate parties of the action or actions taken by the school district. An alleged violation of an assessment security provision includes but is not limited to cheating by a student and/or by any other person assisting a student to cheat.

4) If it is determined that there was a violation of an assessment security provision, the school district will report it to the Ohio Department of Education immediately. Through dialogue with ODE and the district, it will be decided whether or not a student’s assessment score needs to be invalidated. 

5) Prior to October 1st of each school year, this document will be given to all staff members of the Massillon City School District and will be discussed with all test administrators. It will be posted on the school district’s website. Prior to testing, this document will be reviewed again by all test administrators and anyone involved with the testing process will be properly trained.

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