Transportation Guidlines

Transportation Guidlines


Babysitters and Daycare Providers: Transportation will be available to and from babysitter and daycare providers with the following stipulations; (a) Babysitters and daycare providers must reside in the student’s school of attendance area, (b) the babysitter and daycare provider must be outside the 1/2 mile elementary school walk boundary, and (c) babysitter and daycare provider transportation arrangements must be based on a five (5) day schedule for busing to be provided.

Bus Assignments: Students are assigned a bus through the transportation department. Should any changes need to be made, please direct those changes to the transportation department and your home school.

Bus Conduct: Students should conduct themselves on the school bus as they would in the classroom. Students that exhibit rude or disrespectful behavior towards their bus driver, fight with others, use foul language, or do not follow safety directions from the driver may be subject to progressive and permanent bus suspension. Remember, riding the bus is a privilege and not a right!

Bus Schedules: The bus schedules are set up by the transportation department and approved by the Board of Education.

Bus Stops: Students are required to board and depart the bus at their assigned stop unless prior authorization is granted. Parents may request bus stop location changes through the transportation department.

Delayed Buses: If your child’s bus is delayed more than 15 minutes, please instruct your child to return home. Parents may call the transportation department regarding delayed buses.

Designated Place of Safety: Each student will be given a place of safety that they are to wait at until the bus arrives in the morning and departs in the afternoon.

Emergency Transportation: If your child needs transportation that is out of the ordinary, please notify the school and the transportation department so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Inclement Weather Closing: In case of inclement weather, every effort is made to cancel school before 6:00 AM. Please tune WHBC FM 94.1 or to TV Channels 3, 4, 5, or 8 for updated school closings or delays.

Last Bell: Parents can expect their child/children home from school any time after the last bell rings up to the scheduled time the bus is due to arrive.

Open Enrollment: Intra-district transportation is not provided for open enrollment students. Open enrollment students may utilize transportation within the home school attendance area so long as it abides by stipulations in the “Babysitter and Daycare Provider” section and may not result in the creation of another bus route.

Pick-up Times: Students are requested to arrive at the assigned bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Students must be in the view of the driver upon approach to the bus stop. Please note: buses will not be directed to return to pick up missed students.

Walk BoundariesElementary – 1/2 mile;   Middle School – 1/2 mile;   High School – 1 mile

Young Riders: Parents of kindergarten students must be visible to the driver at the time their child arrives home or at their designated bus stop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the transportation office at 330-830-3910.


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