• I have recently moved into the Massillon City School District.  How do I set up transportation for my children?
    You must first enroll your children with the desired school.  If the student is attending their home school and lives more than 1/2 mile (K-8) or 1 mile (9-12), transportation will automatically be set up with our department through the school.

    If your children are attending a school other than their home  school through open enrollment, a request for bus transportation can be submitted to our office and will receive consideration based on available space.

  • My child will be staying overnight at another location.  Can they ride from that location?
    A written request signed by the legal guardian must be submitted to the Building Principal at least 24 hours in advance.  This will allow the building principal sufficient time to clear up any questions concerning location of stop, available space on the affected bus, and duration of request.

  • How do I check on items left on the bus?
    Bus drivers will generally keep lost items on the bus for 24 hours and attempt to locate the owner the next time they ride.  Items of excessive value (cell phones, video and audio equipment etc.) will be brought into the bus garage overnight.  Parents may call our office for additional information concerning these items.

  • I have received notification of a behavior problem concerning my child on the bus.  How is discipline handled?
    Bus Drivers are instructed to state the bus rule to the student when an infraction occurs.  If the student complies, nothing further occurs.  If the misbehavior continues, the driver may fill out a Bus Behavior Report upon return to the bus garage.  A copy will be mailed to the parent(s) stating the infractions and asking for their help in correcting the behavior. 

    Once the student has been verbally warned and the parents have been mailed a copy of the Bus Behavior Report, continued rule infractions may result in a School Bus Discipline Referral being forwarded to the building principal.  This could result in temporary suspension of riding privileges.  Additional submissions of School Bus Discipline Referrals could result in loss of bus riding privileges for the remainder of the school year.

  • How do I find out about school closings due to inclement weather?
    The superintendent and transportation department are constantly monitoring the weather.   When the superintendent of  schools determines that our schools will close due to inclement weather, that information will be forwarded to the local media and will appear on television and this web site.

  • How long will the bus wait for students to arrive at bus stops?
    Students are required to arrive at bus stops five minutes prior to the assigned time.  Once the students are properly seated, the bus driver will depart.  Children are not permitted to wait  in parked cars or houses and should not approach the stop as the bus arrives.

  • What type of items should not be brought onto the bus?
    Items such as weapons, explosives, caustic chemicals, animals, insects, reptiles, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol are prohibited on the bus.  Additional items large enough to deny other students sufficient room to sit should be transported by the parents.

  • How long should my child wait at the bus stop when the bus is late?
    Delays to bus routes can occur due to road closings, traffic accidents, mechanical problems, student behavior, or inclement weather.  All bus stops will eventually be made.  Parents may call the bus garage for additional information when the bus is more than fifteen minutes late.  Parents should instruct their children to never accept rides from other persons.

Student Safety is our number one concern.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Transportation Department at 330-830-3910.  Our office hours are from 5:45 am to 5:00 pm.

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