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Gifted and Talented Philosophy and Definition


It is believed that all students have varying potentials for achievement and that each student should be given opportunities for intellectual growth. In keeping with this belief, the Board of Education has provided a gifted/talented program for those students whose intellectual abilities and potential for achievement are outstanding.

The gifted/talented program will include the same goals found in the regular classroom, but in a broader capacity. Emphasis will be placed on the intellectual growth of each student. Each student will be afforded the opportunities to find his/her own abilities and areas of interest, to experience the problems of these chosen areas, and to develop real solutions to these problems.


Giftedness consists of an interaction among four basic clusters of human traits - superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creative thinking, and visual and performing arts. Gifted children are those possessing or capable of developing this composite set of traits and applying them to any potentially valuable area of human performance.

Children who manifest or are capable of developing an interaction among the clusters require a wide variety of educational opportunities and services that are not typically provided through regular instructional programs.
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Opportunities for Gifted Students 2014-15 Brochure

So here it is Day 2 of summer vacation and your gifted child is already bored. Hopefully these links, places to visit, and camps help a bit…at least for a day or two!!


Books to read, recipes to make, websites to search

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From Airstreams to whistles, factory tours around the state

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